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Australia 2016

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See where you can see Smokie in Australia this year.




Link to Mick McConnell's website
Mick's very own website. He has a blog here too with news about what he is up to.


Link to Martin Bullard's website
Martin's "Key Note Music" website has lots of information about his composing and a blog too.


Link to NOW Music's website
Smokie's management company. This site has information about booking the band.


Link to Rotosound's website
Smokie use Rotosound guitar strings

Latest News About Smokie

Saturday 10 June


It's been a tough few days travel that's for sure!

We've just arrived in Norway for two festival shows this weekend, before heading to Czech Republic on Tuesday. We had a great show in Romania before our trip to Greenland (We never stopped eating)

As the summer rolls on keep checking the date sheet. Not often but can be the case that a show can come in late so check out the dates here.

Happy summer greetings from Mike, Steve, Terry, Martin and Mick

Photo of the band on stage

Smokie's Tour Dates

July 2016
1Norway, Sjøvegan. 
2Hallingmarken, Nesbyen, Norway 
7Mosjoen, Norway 
9Klaipeda, Lithuania 
15Sweden, Hasslö 
Photo of the band on stage