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Link to Mick McConnell's website
Mick's very own website. He has a blog here too with news about what he is up to.


Link to Martin Bullard's website
Martin's "Key Note Music" website has lots of information about his composing and a blog too.


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Smokie's management company. This site has information about booking the band.


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Smokie use Rotosound guitar strings

Latest News About Smokie

Sunday 23 July


As most of you now already know, Terry had a small but successful operation recently and had to miss a handful of shows this summer.

We are now glad to report that Terry was fit and well enough to make his comeback on the sell out show at the Sri Lanka Convention Centre in Colombo, this evening.

The band would like to thank David Levy for for his magnificent professional contribution over the last four weeks and his performance allowed the show to go on!

Tomorrow the band fly back to the UK via Abu Dhabi, but a quick turnaround is needed as they have to leave for Finland almost straight away.

Photo of the band on stage

Smokie's Tour Dates

August 2016
5Skansen Open Air Museum, Sweden 
6Jaette Rock, Suldrop, Denmark 
12Hindsgavl Slot, Middelfart, Denmark 
13Kulturperlsen, Holstebro, Denmark 
13Panorama Hotel and Resort, Sotra, Norway 
September 2016
17Forde, Norway 
Photo of the band on stage