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Link to Mick McConnell's website
Mick's very own website. He has a blog here too with news about what he is up to.


Link to Martin Bullard's website
Martin's "Key Note Music" website has lots of information about his composing and a blog too.


Link to NOW Music's website
Smokie's management company. This site has information about booking the band.


Link to Rotosound's website
Smokie use Rotosound guitar strings

Latest News About Smokie

Tuesday 22 June


On Saturday morning after a great gig the night before in Jurmala, Latvia. Travel chaos once again reared it's head with Band and crew members alike, struggling to get home. The guys had their first flight to Amsterdam cancelled so what should have been a simple travel day became a logistical nightmare, with band members killing hours in Riga airport, but eventually going via Stockholm to Amsterdam. Fortunaly these incidents don't often happen and they are; as we say, "occupational hazards"  It would probably be a fare statement to say that fans are very rarely aware of the efforts Band and Crew have to make trying to get to a show. It also turns out Mick had a difficult trip out to Latvia too, he was suffering with food poisoning but luckily recovered enough to get through the gig.

Photo of the band on stage

Smokie's Tour Dates

July 2015
7Norway, Sel 
9Norway, Lakselv 
11Czech Republic, Holysov Festival near Pilsen 
17Germany, Bad DuerrheimWebsite
Photo of the band on stage